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    just curious

    411 notes….oh gawd

    I shed tears for society.

    Why hold on, are there actually people who can’t?

    I didn’t learn until last year

    wait…do they not teach this in school anymore????

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  3. A really good and exciting Marvel movie. I highly recommended it in IMAX 3D…

  4. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies teaser.

  5. edited pic.Remixed by tony166iscool from tony166iscool

    edited pic.

    Remixed by tony166iscool from tony166iscool

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    “Challenge accepted!” —SPN fandom.

    omg this is still going


    i’m not even in the supernatural fandom and i’m still going to reblog

    lost count of the times i’ve reblogged this

    I swear like half of those reblogs is me

    …………………..it’s still not fucking broken 


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  7. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!!

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!!

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  9. 100 posts! I know I’m a little late to post this…

    100 posts! I know I’m a little late to post this…

  10. http://thewritingcafe.tumblr.com/post/87009095570/fixyourwritinghabits-how-to-get-shit-done


    How to GET SHIT DONE


    Because it comes up a lot for all of us trying to manage schedules that slam more than 24 hours of work into a day, I thought I would make one giant productivity post for everyone to help us all out (including myself).

    10 steps…

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  11. Awesome movie!

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  13. Tony and the Sword Pistols: The Discovery of the Battle

    BY: Tony166iscool

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Star Wars, Marvel, or Skyrim, only my original characters and settings.

    Time: start of April 2012

    Violent times will end in peace and justice.

    My name is Tony and I’m brash and clever. I’m sixteen years old and I live in Jessup, Maryland

    Whenever I’m not bored, I spend my days writing down ideas for future stories I’m going to write someday. For now, I spend time watching movies, playing video games, and sleeping in on weekends. I also watch television for my own good and conjure up something in Adobe Photoshop. I know that what I do will change for the better…

    When I was at home on a Saturday afternoon, it was about to be sunset and I was riding my longboard around the local cul-de-sac in my neighborhood. I felt free from everything stressful that was in my path and I was at peace and quietness.

    When I was in my bedroom at 11:50pm, I heard my name being called by a female. “Who’s there?” I asked. “Tony.” The female voice whispered, “Tony.” “Hello,” I said, “Who’s there?” After wondering who said my name repeatedly, I fell asleep at my podium near my bedroom wall.

    When I woke up around 5:30am, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I saw at bright light under my bedroom door. I got up from my podium and opened my door, with the bright light blinding me. “This cannot be good at all.” I said covering my eyes. While covering my eyes, I was being pulled by a gravitational force, possibly into another world, which would be awesome, or my imagination, which would be more awesome.


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